Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ear Candles Don't Work

I believe in natural medicine; I always start with an alternative approach to any illness. I'm very suspicious of anything medical. I've seen MDs complain about ear candling but I thought they were just being negative about something that wasn't pharmaceutical.

So I've used ear candles. I believed the hype about removing wax and detoxifying.

When my brother questioned the physics behind the process, we did an experiment. We used a closed plastic tube to simulate an ear and burned a candle as if we were "candling" the plastic tube. The results were exactly the same as when a similar candle was burned in an ear.

The "ear wax" is simply the melted beeswax and soot which looks a great deal like ear wax. The "yeast dust" is just crumbled beeswax.

Here's the photo of the ear candle burned without contacting a human. We put a small piece of paper-towel in the plastic tube to catch any material that would have fallen into the ear. There was a small round chunk of beeswax in the towel and considerable dust in the plastic tube; so the process can actually add to the dirt in the ear without any capability to remove anything.
So don't waste your money on these worthless products. If you have wax buildup, see your doctor or your pharmacist.

Take a deep breath,

Dr. Ron