Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Latest on H1N1

I've reported before that the H1N1 scare was overblown for the drug companies' benefit. I advised that only a very few people should be vaccinated because healthy people could expect milder symptoms than the normal flu.

Now it seems that the "scientists" who were making recommendations to WHO had connections to the drug companies.

The British Medical Journal reported:
"The investigation by the BMJ/The Bureau reveals a system struggling to manage the inherent conflict between the pharmaceutical industry, WHO, and the global public health system, which all draw on the same pool of scientific experts.
Our investigation has identified key scientists involved in WHO pandemic planning who had declarable interests, some of whom are, or have been, funded by pharmaceutical firms that stood to gain from the guidance they were drafting.
Yet these interests have never been publicly disclosed by WHO and, despite repeated requests from the BMJ/The Bureau, WHO has failed to provide any details about whether such conflicts were declared by the relevant experts and what, if anything, was done about them.
It is this lack of transparency over conflicts of interests—coupled with a documented changing of the definition of a pandemic and unanswered questions over the evidence base for therapeutic interventions—that has led to the emergence of these conspiracies."
 It's time for governments, and the WHO, to focus on what's best for the population rather than the medical establishment.

Take a deep breath,

Dr. Ron