Thursday, September 13, 2007

Your Brain Needs Fat

My Dad is struggling with impaired memory. It's not Alzheimers and it isn't dementia; it's just a poor memory. I looked into the relationship between brain functioning and diet and found several sources that talked about various mental problems and how they were alleviated by increasing the essential fatty acids in the diet. This linked article is a result of that little bit of research. Here's a list of studies that show that essential fatty acids are a major factor in many types of nervous system disorders.

If you know anyone who is struggling with mental functioning--not just memory loss but any kind of problem, ADHD, bipolar disorders, violence--see if they can't improve their diet. Get rid of some of the junk food and replace it with a Mediterranean Diet and have them take some supplements of essential fatty acids.

Note that this isn't a cure--just something to give their body a few more resources.

Be sure to work with your physician if you're taking pharmaceuticals.

Take a deep breath,

Dr. Ron