Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Inspiration and Expiration

Michael Egan is a yoga teacher in South Korea. The text below is reprinted with his permission.
Think of the meaning of the word...Inspiration...
Do you know that literally it means inhale or breathe in???

Then think of the word Inspiration as the coming of an idea, seemingly from nowhere, that leads to positive thoughts and if pursued to positive creation.

Inspiration is the link or "bringing in" of the spirit (the root of "spir" in inspiration). Think of your in-breath as a funnel drawing the limitless spirit (energy) into the finite and limited body. Cultivating the in-breath is completely refreshing and brings with it new life, hope and love into the body and mind.

Now lets look at Expiration...to die or end...
It is the exhale or out-breath.

Every breath cycle contains birth and death, but it is not the death we fear, the "end of life." Instead this Expiration is like the date on the milk in your refrigerator. As the vitality and life energy from the breath and metabolic processes of our body have been used up they must be expelled. This releases the toxins and waste products created in the physical and chemical processes of the body. Just as old milk will sour and foul the entire refrigerator, so too will the metabolic waste and toxins cause discomfort and (given enough time) dis-ease in our body and mind.

Through the exhale we witness the death of positive substances (oxygen, vitamins and nutrition) and must therefore release the waste into nature where it will be recycled (CO2 into O2 by plants) to prepare for "re"inspiration or rebirth.

When beginning breathing practice it is the expiration that needs to be focused on and developed first in order to make space and clean house. Then naturally, through the difference in air pressure between the lungs and nature (outside the body), we will take a more deep and full inspiration bringing new life to our physical and emotional selves.

Breath is the link to Your Self.

Thanks for that Michael,

Take a deep breath,

Dr. Ron