Sunday, September 09, 2007

Coffee and Estrogen Dominance

How many women do you know who are struggling with female problems? Endometriosis? Breast cancer? Doesn't it seem that something is seriously wrong?

There are many aspects of modern life that contribute to the chaos in women's sexual health. A big part of it, I believe has to do with the unnatural chemicals that we drink, eat, bath in, or otherwise slather on our bodies.

We all know how much hormones govern women's health and happiness. Hormones need a stable and normal chemical state in the blood and tissues for optimal effectiveness.

Our modern western diet--what could be called the Standard American Diet (SAD)--is not producing a stable and normal chemical state. It is making women's tissues too acid and disrupting the sensitive biochemical reactions.

A big culprit is coffee! Not only does is screw up the acid-base balance in the body, it contains 21 known carcinogens. And how many women do you know who have dealt with cancer? How many of them drink coffee?

Another really nasty habit is sodas--any carbonated drink. Those delightful fizzy bubbles are making your body too acid! Colas, and other sugary soft drinks are even worse because they contain a huge amount of sugar.

Don't get me started on sugar.

That's enough ranting. Drink one cup of coffee if you must. Maybe it won't kill you.

Take a deep breath,

Dr. Ron