Saturday, June 24, 2006

9: Your Energy Body - stuff to avoid

A comprehensive list of stuff that's bad for your energy body would be very long. Almost any aspect of modern western life is bad for your energy body.

We were talking to the director of the TCM clinic where we get our medical care; he said that almost every person who comes to the clinic has problems with the Qi in their kidneys and liver. What are we all doing that is harming our energy bodies?

All the bad stuff we do to our spiritual selves harms our energy body as does all the bad stuff we do to our physical bodies. It's all connected as you know.
In addition, we have to worry about the sights and sounds we take into our energy bodies; movies and music, gossip and backbiting--even the evening news can have negative effects in the energy body. We think of these negative inputs as being mostly harmful to our spiritual selves but it goes deeper than that; it gets down to the level of karma.
In vedic terms, there are "colorings"--distortions to reality produced by the ignorance that we project onto our experiences. These distortions can be at a deep subconscious level. We all have these distortions; we should endeavor to remove them through spiritual practice, not make them worse by wallowing in ego-stimulating entertainment.
The Vedas also mention samskaras, deep impressions in our energy body from our prior experiences and actions. Again, we don't want to add to the negative samskaras by doing bad stuff to our spirits or our bodies.
All this takes discipline. The world calls you to be more attached to it. You must struggle to maintain a higher goal. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Right?
Take a deep breath,