Thursday, June 22, 2006

8: Your Energy Body - Good Stuff to Add

If you don't know you have an energy body, click here. Managing your energy body is central to health. I almost said that it's more important than diet or exercise, but I stopped myself because bad diet and poor or little exercise will damage your energy body. I think what's true is: if you live your physical and spiritual life in such a way that you have a strong energy body you will be sick far less often, have milder illnesses, feel better and have a longer productive life.
Now, what's good for the energy body?
Tai Chi and Qigong will strengthen your physical body and your energy body. Patrick Martin at Northern Arizona University has produced a series of videos on Chen style Tai Chi and Qigong that are easy to understand and follow. There are many other excellent videos on Tai Chi; if you use another video or take a live class, go slowly and strengthen your legs and knees before doing the more advanced movements. Qigong and the simpler Tai Chi movements are great for people of all health levels.
Meditation is important for spiritual and energetic health. Swami J's site is a good place to start if you don't already have a favorite. Here's a table of meditation resources.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treats the energy body as a way of dealing with your physical and emotional issues. This is what we really like about TCM; it doesn't deal with symptoms, it goes straight for the underlying energetic causes. Use a TCM practitioner that is NCCOM certified.

You've probably heard of Reiki, Shiatsu, or Reflexology. There are others that you may not have heard of. They all have their usefullness. Click here for a table of common energy modalities.

Take a deep breath,

Dr. Ron